What is Spirituality

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on December 7, 2009

Many times spirituality and religion are thought to be the same thing.  Yet, they are very different.  Religion is a belief system, while spirituality is a personal experience.  Spirituality is about discovering, deep within ourselves, the spirit (love and intelligence) that is the life force within all of us.

We can subscribe to certain beliefs that are accepted by a group of people.  This is religion.  Spirituality is about discovering who we are, or our source deep within ourselves.  We could say that religion is a left brain experience while spirituality is a right brain experience.  One of our left brain abilities is to take information, analyze it and come up with beliefs that guide our actions.  This is the process used to create religions.

Only through the development of our right brain abilities can we experience or know our source.  Right brain abilities are intuition, creativity, and the ability to see and understand laws of nature or principles of life, and merge our conscious awareness with the source of creation.  This is an internal process.

Most of us have well developed left brain abilities and beliefs that guide our actions.  Yet, few people have devoted the time and discipline necessary to develop their right brain abilities.  If you would like to develop your right abilities and expand your awareness of your spiritual essence, the place to start is by reading my book Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want, then begin working with the process that is clearly explained in the book.

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