How Stress Affects Weight

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on August 15, 2011

We have just returned from a very nice vacation, where we spent a couple of days in Atlanta and the remainder of the week in Branson.  We enjoyed both places very much.

In observing people while on our trip, I was amazed at how many people are severely over weight.  And it occurred to me that I should shed some light on the underlying culprit in this situation.  No one likes being overweight, but most people do not know why it has happened to them or what to do about it.

Being overweight in most cases is due to an addiction to food, and the culprit behind it is stress.  When our nervous systems become over stressed we begin to feel uneasy, anxious, edgy, and in general very uncomfortable.  We naturally try to do something to combat that feeling and make ourselves feel better.

This is the underlying cause of most addictions.  Different people respond in different ways to the huge amount of stress that most people experience on a daily basis, much less the stress that gets built up in our nervous system over a life time.  Many times it starts while we are still children.

One can start smoking, drinking or taking drugs, but something must be done to combat the uncomfortable feeling produced from the build-up of stress in the nervous system.  Over eating is the choice of most people, because it is the most acceptable thing to do.  Everyone eats, so what if you find it necessary to eat a bit more to feel better.

Actually it is one of the most difficult addictions to break for that same reason.  Eating is not something that you can just stop doing, like the other things mentioned.  Even though it is very difficult to stop doing something that has become a habit, it is easier to stop doing something than it is to continue to do something like eating in moderation.

In order to lose weight, the first thing you need to address is the stress that underlies your need to eat more.

Many years ago I discovered a process for releasing stress, and thousands of people have benefited from it over the years.  It is a simple process that, when practiced on a daily basis releases the built-up stress and allows the entire mind/body system to heal itself.  Once the stress is released and the healing takes place the need to over eat simply goes away.  The addiction is gone.

This will enable the nervous system to start functioning properly and give you the strength you need to follow through with a weight loss program.  In order to create your ideal weight you first need a plan.  Start by deciding what your ideal weight is.  Create a vision in your mind of you at your ideal weight.  If you have a picture of yourself when you were at your ideal weight put it on your refrigerator.  If not, put a picture of someone who is the weight you want to be there.  This will keep you conscious of your goal every day.

Of course, diet and exercise are both important in a weight loss plan.  Your body and mind need nutrition which we get from food, but you want to be sure you are eating truly nutritious food.  That would include mostly fresh fruits and vegetables along with some whole grains, and you also need protein.  A very good source of protein are nuts and fish.

In order to lose weight you must learn to observe yourself and how you feel.  You will discover that if you eat a healthy diet you will not need nearly as much food.  You need to observe how much food you need to feel satisfied and then stop eating at that point.  When the stress is being released on a daily basis you will be able to do this.

What you want to do is create a healthy well functioning mind and body and nutrition is an important part of doing that.  It requires a definite commitment over time, as does everything of value.

Then don’t forget the exercise.

I have described in detail and provided diagrams and step-by-step guidelines for an exercise routine that releases stress and strengthens the entire mind/body system in my book entitled Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want.

In this book I also provide you with a 7 step process for creating anything you chose to create which would include your ideal weight.

I have also created a CD, DVD and Companion Workbook to help you get started.  In addition we now have our Core Course on DVDs so you can experience the entire course in the comfort of your own home.

Once you start experiencing this wonderful personal growth process we also provide courses that you can attend to accelerate this natural evolutionary process.



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