Stress and Cancer

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on November 21, 2011

Some time ago I told you about our former daughter-in-law who was recovering from breast cancer.  She has fully recovered and she is going to be writing the next few blogs to share some of her experiences with you. I hope these blogs are enlightening and helpful.  If you would like to talk with Valerie to learn more about her experiences or what she is doing now just send us an e mail.  Thanks.


Blog by Valerie Lower

Cancer is something almost everyone fears no matter the kind. We think of it as a death sentence. However, some people I know, and have heard speak, say it was the “best thing that ever happened” to them. Because for them it was a wake-up call. I do not share that sentiment, but what I can share with everyone is that I found a way to move through the cancer journey gracefully, with the help of a loving friend, Dr. Bobbie Stevens, and her methods to reduce stress.

It has been documented that stress plays a major role in illnesses, even cancer. What if I were to tell you that the combinations of methods that Bobbie has created will help to alleviate that stress? I’d like to share my story with you so you know you are not alone in the journey if you have or are experiencing cancer treatment or beyond at this point in your life. Or if you are/were a caregiver for someone.

In 2003, I had a thriving spiritual counseling practice. I was married to the man of my dreams. My friends and neighbors were the best – loving, accepting, fun, spiritual – the house we lived in was beautiful, and I was in the best health of my life! Or so I thought.

I went for my yearly mammogram, but because I didn’t think breast cancer could touch me, it had been around two years since my last one. However, everything from that appointment on happened in slow motion. Yes, there was a tumor on the x-ray. Yes, let’s do the biopsy now. Now. To make sure.

I shook, thinking I was cold, but found out I was in shock as they tenderly did the biopsy. And after the final diagnosis, I was left to walk down a long corridor alone (my husband was on a business trip and I told him to stay, that I’d be ok…). I felt like I was walking in a world askew like in the Twilight Zone. And in a way, I was.

It was a hot and windy summer day when I walked out to the car alone and realized that my life would never be the same again. What happened to me that day was about as stressful as life could get up until that point.

Each decision that I, we made would turn to a different path. Do I really need chemo? Stress. Interview different surgeons, oncologists, get their different opinions. Stress. Receiving information after surgery that it’s invasive breast cancer; stage 2, grade 3 (out of four stages and three grades). Stress. And the recovery time from surgery with a tube and bulbous thing under in my armpit, Stress. Each decision was literally life and death.

I SO did not want to do chemotherapy. I didn’t want the poison in my body. I didn’t want to lose my hair. I thought I could do it naturally. Then a doctor pleaded with me until I “got it” that I really did have to have chemo. He pleaded with me until I began to cry. It seemed that each step we, my husband and I, took there were so many more to take before the journey would be over. What I’ve found is that journeys are never really over. ..there are just new versions to move through. Here I was in new territory whose foreign words would become a part of my everyday life.

I was fierce in my commitment to heal and move beyond this. I decided to put my spiritual counseling practice on hold until I was on the other side. We decided that yes, I would have chemo. I knew I would need to meditate and visualize. I would meet with a holistic doctor to help replenish what was being killed along with the cancer…And the journey would continue.

In coming blogs, I will talk about what it was like to go through chemo and feel void of my spirituality. How I would spiral downward from the chemicals, the stress, the emptiness. How I would reach out to Bobbie Stevens, after not seeing her for many years, for help in my comeback to live, love and experience many new miracles–and I do not use that word lightly.

I will be sharing with you my journey from learning stress begins in early life (way before the cancer was evident), how I became aware of those stressors through Unlimited Futures and what I am continuing to do to move through each of life’s stressors today. I invite you to come along on my journey in the hopes of maybe you seeing some things that are similar and how you, too, can heal and create some pretty incredible miracles of your own!


Note – As soon as I learned of Valerie and Gary’s dilemma I sent them our Unlimited Futures Core Course.  You may download a free introduction to this course by simply clicking in the box requesting it on the side of this page.  I have also described the process in details and provided step-by-step guidelines in my book entitled Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want.

In addition we also provide courses you can attend to accelerate this natural healing and growth process.  —–Bobbie

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