Is Stress Killing You?

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on July 31, 2009

Do you feel overstressed?  Unfortunately, one of the first things that stress affects is our awareness.  So often we are unaware of how overstressed we are until we do something totally inappropriate, like bursting into tears or flying into a rage.  Even then we can usually find another reason why that inappropriate behavior occurred.

Stress can totally ruin your life, many times without your ever being aware of what is happening.  When your stress affects someone close to you they usually overlook it for awhile, but in time it will severely affect your relationship.  No one can take the brunt of abusive behavior for too long a period of time without becoming overstressed themselves.  When this happens, something has to give.

It is so important to take stock of ourselves and do something to help ourselves before we become totally unaware of what is happening to our health and our relationships, and pass the point of no return.

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