Stress, Your Nervous System and Personal Growth

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on June 28, 2010

Many years ago I made a discovery that made it possible for me to live a much healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life than I ever dreamed possible.  I discovered a process that I worked with on a daily basis, which moved me into a much more advanced level of functioning than I had ever experienced.  I was on top of the world, making money, having fun and enjoying life to the fullest.  In fact things were going so well for me that I got too busy to keep doing the process that had made it possible for me to function this way.

Gradually my energy was decreasing, my mind wasn’t quite as clear and it was becoming just a little more difficult to accomplish the things that I had accomplished with ease before.  I was clearly moving back into my old way of functioning.  I then realized that I had discovered something of great value, and I must understand what had happened, why it happened and how I could bring it back and share it with others.

I got back to doing the process on a daily basis, curtailed some of my activity, and begin to understand what had happened for me.  I realized that I had discovered a process for releasing stress, which healed and strengthened my nervous system.  I could see that it is the stress in our lives that blocks our nervous systems ability to function as it would otherwise be capable of doing.

The nervous system is the communications system of the mind and body.  It affects our perception and our competence. Every time we overstress the system by making more demands on it than it can handle at that time, it is damaged, and over time it becomes less and less capable.  It affects our energy level and our ability to see possibilities. It even affects our ability to care.

Most of us have been over stressing our nervous systems all of our lives.  So much seems to be demanded of us even when we are children, and when the demands are more than we can handle it affects our nervous system, and we become even less able to live up to expectations, whether it is our own expectations or that of others close to us.  As we grow up the demands continue to accelerate and we simply do not have the ability to see possibilities.  We often began to feel incompetent and depressed.

This happens at different times for all of us depending on our level of health.  What we need is a strong healthy nervous system, and that system is being damaged usually on a daily basis due to the stress we are feeling.  This is a time when we feel distraught and somewhat helpless, not knowing what to do to fix the problem, we often get caught up in habits that relieves the stress to some degree, but in the long run makes it even worse. This is how many addictions start.  We think that smoking helps, drinking or drugs over eating or even excessive sex, but they are simply distractions and cause more stress and damage our health even more.  If we cannot find a way to release the stress and heal our nervous systems, it shows up in both physical and mental malfunction.

Sometimes we are totally unaware that we are overstressed because this is what is happening to most of the people we know, and we think it is normal or the way things work.  Most of us have never experienced being free of stress, enough to become truly healthy and move into the advanced level of functioning that is potential within all of us.

I had no idea that I was less than perfectly healthy or that there was more to life than I was capable of experiencing, until I started experimenting with the process that I discovered.  This process releases stress, heals and strengthens the nervous system and moves one into a much more advanced level of functioning.  When the nervous system gets strong enough we begin to tap into abilities that lie dormant until we become healthy enough to activate them.

This is what we are now calling right brain abilities.  We start to experience a new way of knowing, called intuition.  Intuitively we can see the big picture and understand complex systems.  We can begin to understand laws of nature or principles of life that governs how we create our own experiences.  We are also capable of living in harmony with these laws or principles and discover that we can create whatever we choose.

Once I clearly understood what I had discovered and how it works I knew that I must share this knowledge with others.  That is the reason I founded Unlimited Futures and have created programs for developing the potential that lies dormant within all of us.

I made this discovery many years ago and have been able to share it with thousands of people over the years, who have improved their lives tremendously. Now I want to share it with you.

My book Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want, explains the process in detail and continues to make a huge contribution to the personal growth of anyone who reads it and works with the process.

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