Stress Reduction

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on February 8, 2010

Many people are feeling overwhelmed with all the stress in their lives and are asking, “How do we reduce the stress of our daily lives?”

With all the modern conveniences to make our lives better it seems that it is simply moving faster and faster.  The first thing we need to do to reduce the stress is to stop. We need to take a minute to think about what is causing the stress.  Are you trying to get more things done than you can successfully handle?  Making more demands on the mind/body system than it can handle create stress and that stress gets recorded in the cells of our body.  We not only need to reduce the stress, but we also need to find a way to release the stress that has already built up in the mind/body system.  Every time we overstress the mind/body system it becomes a little less capable of functioning at its best.

Another cause of stress is our perception.  We look at the situations in our lives from our programmed beliefs.  It is beneficial to try to see the situation from a different perspective.  For example, say you lose your job.  You can immediately fall into fear, thinking about how terrible this situation is, or you could stop for a moment and move a bit beyond it, and maybe you could think that this could be a good thing.  This could just be what is necessary to force you into a different job, something that you always wanted to try or something that you will enjoy more than the old job.  How stressful this situation is depends on your perception and where you are focusing your attention.

To be successful in the world today, you need a way to release the stress that is already built up in your mind/body, which can also help you to become stronger, make better choices and take charge of your life.  In my book Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want, I give you a process for releasing stress and strengthening your entire mind/body.  Making it possible for you to not only reduce the stress in your life, but also become much more capable of taking charge of your life and creating the kind of experiences that you want rather than just reacting to what happens.

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