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This is Bobbie and Dean’s special gift for you, a copy of Bobbie’s new ebook on Stress.

In this new ebook Dr. Stevens helps us to understand stress.  She explains in an easy to read and easy to understand…

  • What stress is
  • What causes stress
  •  How it affects every aspect of our Lives including our:
    1  Ability to learn
    2  Work or career
    3  Relationships
    4  Weight
    5  Health
    6  Sex Life
    7  Addictions

Dr. Stevens also provides some stress tests that you can take to determine your own level of stress.

Most importantly she explains how she discovered a process that relieves stress and heals the damage it has done to your entire mind/body system.  She explains how you can make a simple life style change and relieve your stress, boost your energy and discover innate abilities that are not available to us due to the stress that we have stored in our nervous systems.

Abraham Maslow discovered our natural growth process and we would grow through each step very rapidly if we were never overstressed.  However, due to the stress most people never experience the upper levels of the growth that is available for all of us, but experienced by only a few.

What we call the “good life” is actually killing us.  Since most of us do not understand stress, we keep overstressing ourselves.  The stress builds up, damages our health, prevents higher levels of awareness and guarantees illness as we grow older.  Since most of us experience this we simply call it aging and believe it is inevitable.  It is not aging; it is stress damage showing up in our lack of health.  It can be prevented and Dr. Stevens tells you how.

Get started today in relieving the stress in your life!

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