by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on January 9, 2012

We saw a TV show last night on Oprah’s new network OWN that was most impressive.  It was about Jane Fonda’s life as she described it.  If you missed it, I will give you a brief overview of her story.  She had a very lonely childhood.  She always knew it was dangerous to be around her mother, who lived with severe depression and actually killed herself when Jane was very young.

Jane’s dad, Henry Fonda, cared for her and she had a great relationship with him when she was very young, but he went into the military after her mother committed suicide and when he returned she said he was very withdrawn.  Jane lived in total abundance and met many of the top celebrities and leaders of the world, but she said she was just there, no one paid any attention to her. Therefore, she grew up pretty much on her own.

As you know, Jane was a strong activist in the 60’s, was married 3 times and just recently divorced Ted Turner.  She said on her 62nd birthday she realized that even though she had everything material in life she had lost herself.  She divorced Ted Turner and moved into the small guest room at her daughter’s house.  She knew she had made the right decision even though it was difficult and sad.  As a result of seeing through all the glitter to what’s important she has discovered her own wholeness.

I thought this was a wonderful story that everyone should see.  So many people are trying so hard to get all the external things in life, believing that it will bring them happiness, but it never does.  If we are fortunate enough to obtain enough to help us realize that what we are searching for, the happiness we seek is not out there somewhere, but right inside each of us, only then will we have, like Jane, discovered our own wholeness.

All of our rushing around trying so hard to be successful usually creates much stress for us.  And the more stressed we become the less capable we become of fulfilling our goals regardless of what they are.

Many years ago I discovered a process for releasing stress which allows the mind/body system to heal itself from the damage it does to our health.  Then it begins to strengthen itself and we automatically move into a much more advanced level of understanding, function and experience.  Working with this process over time brings us to a clear realization of our own wholeness, where we can experience a truly fulfilling life.

In time we begin to clearly see that our external world is just a reflection of our internal world.

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