Stress Relief and Personal Growth Core Course

This course provides the foundation for a new way of living.  Through a series of systematic techniques a gradual and gentle process occurs.  You begin to experience your own greatness and that process never ends.

The Unlimited Futures programs rest on the premise that (1) each of us possesses the innate ability or potential to create the lives we want for ourselves; and (2) real and lasting change or growth takes place over time.  Our core course is experientialy bases, growth-oriented, relaxing, healing and fun!

In the course, you will discover how to:

  • ERASE THE LIMITS we impose on ourselves, consciously or
    unconsciously, to lead the most productive and fulfilling lives possible.
  • Live purposefully, thus CREATING LIVES OF CHOICE, not chance.
  • RELEASE STRESS stored in the body and strengthen the nervous system (the mind/body connection).
  • Use stretching exercises, concentration techniques, creative visualization, meditation and deep relaxation for STRENGTHENING the body and mind.
  • Bring the mind and body into synchronicity, automatically connecting with the INTUITIVE PART of ourselves—that part of ourselves capable of knowing the solution for any situation.
  • Become CLEAR about what you want, make choices and direct your energy to create them.

This course is now available on DVDs for purchase, so you can experience it in the comfort of your own home, and repeat it as often as you like.  We recommend that you create a schedule for doing the the sessions.  You may do them weekly, every other week or even monthly, but we highly recommend that you determine a time when you will be doing the sessions and do them at that time regularly.  With this course you will be creating a new life style that will make it possible for you to take charge of your life and start creating it the way you want it to be, but it does require a definite commitment.

If you do not make a choice to take care of yourself first, you will never be able to experience being in charge of your life.  When you let obligations and other people determine what you do, you give away your power.  So make a full commitment to this course and you will find it to be the best investment you have ever made.

To get a copy of this invaluable course click here: Stress Release and Personal Growth Core Course

Both hard copy and digital versions are available. With the digital version, you can get started TODAY!