Executive Development Programs (EDP)

What will give your organization the competitive edge for the future?  There is only one thing that will determine your organization’s competitive edge, and that is the talent and abilities of the people who make up the organization.

The time has come to look at the human side of business. Scientists are making new discoveries which prove that the world does not work the way we once believed it did. Additionally, business is changing at an incredibly rapid pace. These new discoveries and changes demand new ways of understanding and functioning. The business leaders of the future must be able to let go of old beliefs, previous training, and see situations from a totally different and new perspective.

  • Can the people in your organization meet the mammoth demands of the future? The answer is a resounding “yes,” but only because they have the potential to grow, and develop a much more advanced way of functioning than what they have experienced in the past.
  • Just as many of our old business practices are becoming obsolete, so are our old ways of working. In the past, analysis was a major tool for making decisions. Today we need to be able to make immediate decisions. We need leaders who are highly intuitive. Intuition is an ability which can be developed.
  • Years ago Abraham Maslow discovered that some people functioned from a much more advanced level of functioning than others. Maslow found certain people in our society who were highly creative and highly intuitive. He said these people were self-actualized.

The Solution
Unlimited Futures has a process for developing intuition and self-actualization. This process, practiced over time, brings people to a much more advanced way of functioning – more than most ever dreamed possible. Some of the experiences people will have include:

  • Increased energy
  • Clarity of mind
  • Highly developed intuitive abilities
  • Heightened creative abilities
  • Deeper understanding of relationships
  • The ability to make good choices and eliminate mistakes
  • Letting go of old beliefs that are no longer applicable
  • Optimal health and an understanding of the relationship between health and potential
  • A cognitive understanding of the laws of nature
  • Discovery of their inner ability to create whatever they choose

Our Executive Development Program (EDP) is provided in two, four day in-residence sessions. These sessions are held in a pleasant, serene setting. Part of the process is providing an environment where participants are free to completely relax, and release the stress that has built up in the cells of the body over time. As this stress is released the entire mind/body system begins to heal and strengthen itself. We also guide participants to create a new lifestyle, which allows for stress release and strengthening of the system on a daily basis.

The courses will be designed to apply specifically to your organization’s needs and vision. It will be conducted at a time that suits participants’ schedules, and will be held at a location of your choice which meets the requirements of our program.

Executive Development Program (EDP):

The Experience
A typical four-day session provides for deep rest, which gives the nervous system an opportunity to release stress, and to heal and strengthen itself. In addition, techniques, instructions, information and discussion help enable the participant to understand this process and how to continue the growth between sessions and throughout life.

Areas addressed in each of the sessions:

Session 1

  • How stress affects your ability to be creative and productive
  • Stretching and breathing exercises for releasing stress, strengthening the nervous system and creating alignment of body, mind, emotions and spirit
  • How the creative process works
  • Creating your choices
  • The transformation process
  • Perception, beliefs and your self image
  • Expanding awareness
  • Meditation – Experiencing the super-conscious
  • Energy: How mind energy directs physical energy
  • How our thoughts and beliefs create our experiences
  • Becoming a master receiver
  • Training the mind to become focused and powerful
  • Levels of consciousness
  • The principle of attraction and repulsion
  • Overcoming insecurity, compulsions and dependencies

Session 2

  • Purpose
  • Balance
  • The loss of power through resistance
  • Love, intelligence and energy
  • Creating your personal vision – the life you want for yourself
  • Relationships – resolving conflict
  • Creating the collective vision (group vision / corporate vision)
  • Alignment of personal vision with collective vision / shared vision
  • Management by detached involvement
  • Accomplishing effective organizational change
  • Optimal health
  • Inner excellence
  • Unconditional life

Next Steps…
Call us directly @ 877-305-3777 and we’ll talk one on one to discover how your organization can benefit from the program.