Stress Relief and Continued Growth In Residence Course (SR&PG)

business manOnce you have experienced the Unlimited Futures Core Course the next step in your continued growth is to join us for this week long in-residence course.

We provide this course to give you the opportunity to remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of your external focused life and spend a full week releasing the stress that gets built up in your nervous system and exploring your inner world.

We have an internal world and an external world and we spend most of our lives in the external world which creates stress that blocks our ability to be aware of our own inner world.  The outer world is just a reflection of the inner worlds of all of the people who make up the outer world.

We all have an internal world and that is where all the power is.  We cannot find all the things that are important to us in the external world, things like power, knowledge, clarity, love, joy and happiness.  All the real treasures of life lie deep within us.

This course provides the opportunity to explore your own inner world and discover that all the important things in life originate here.

The external world is just a reflection of what’s going on inside all of us. Our personal experiences are just the reflection of our beliefs being played out in the external world.  And we also observe the reflection of the beliefs of others.

Einstein told us many years ago that the entire world is nothing more or nothing less than the collective consciousness (or beliefs) of all the people who make it up.

Our thoughts, beliefs and attention create our experiences in the outer world, and validate our beliefs.

The stress in our lives blocks our ability to be able to understand how this process works.  So we keep looking outside ourselves for the answers to our questions and the things we want most in our lives, but everything out there is just a reflection.  Changes can only be made at the source which is within you.

This course gives you the opportunity to take a full week to become quite and still and discover the power you have on the level of the source to create the life you want for yourself.

In the Core Course you created a new life style that allowed you to begin to explore your own inner world.  You are taking one or hopefully two hours a day to prepare yourself for exploring a whole new world where you will find love, joy, peace, intelligence, happiness and the source of all of creation.

In the past we have only known the external world and believed that was all that we could know, but now we are beginning to realize that there is much more possible for us.  And that what we are experiencing is simply a reflection or projection of our beliefs playing out.

Once we discover the wholeness of who we really are and make the desired changes on the level of the source that is reflected back to us in our experiences.

In order to discover and explore the inner world we must remove ourselves from our external focus and focus within, and this course provides you with the opportunity to do just that.  You will not need to be concerned with anything outside yourself.  We ask that you take this week completely for yourself and your own growth.  That means letting us take care of everything concerning your external needs.

This is a week strictly for going within so we ask that you have no contact with the outside world.  That means no phones, no computers, no TV, no newspapers.  That is all external focus and the real power you will discover is right within yourself.

The course is designed to create a perfect balance between rest and activity.  You will spend much time in silence but there will also be time for inter action with each other, and learning.

This course is designed to help you discover how to work in harmony with the laws of nature and the 7 steps in the creative process in all areas of your life.  You will discover how to create optimal health, your ideal environment, your purpose and fulfilling work, money and how it works and happy harmonious relationships.

The course is held in a beautiful serene atmosphere and your time will be scheduled from the time you arrive until the time you leave, so you have nothing to think about except your own discoveries and the joy of this wonderful path of growth and development with like-minded people.

2016 Courses are scheduled for:

Fall: October 3 – 7

Winter: December 5 – 9

Price: $2,995.00

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